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PRO SPORTS was founded in January 2006 and is proud to participate actively in the high performance sport in Brazil and abroad always with ethical values ​​and professionalism.

We like to compete in 3 modes:

- Career management of professional athletes;
- Planning and Management in Sports Projects;
- Consultancy in Sports Projects and Funding of Sponsorships;

Our Lord THE ATHLETE: Pro Sports agents are responsible for the complete management of our represented professionals, ie negotiation of proposals and contracts, legal advice, financial planning and image management. Pro Sports athletes are presented around the world with the help of video capture and editing tools, online statistics, as well as ongoing contacts with the world's leading sports leaders. We have strategic partnerships with agencies in Europe, the United States and Asia, greatly enhancing the potential for success in our negotiations. Read here an interview with some of our athletes:

SAVE THE SPORTS CLUBS AND ENTITIES: Since 2008, we have intensified our consulting practice in the preparation of sports projects for government programs, either in the Ministry of Sports or in state and municipal governments throughout the country. Our projects aim to allow potential sponsors to link their brands and their products to the healthy sports environment and may deduct a considerable portion of taxes paid from their investments. Make an appointment with us and we will support the Brazilian sport.

ENTREPRENEURS AND SPORTS PACKAGERS: You who love sports and want to promote your favorite sport, bring sports into your company or simply participate in sporting events talk to us, present your ideas and we will certainly participate together. We believe that with friendship, professionalism, honesty and hard work we can contribute to a better world with a lot of sport. We hope the fans are proud of our team and know that we are always looking for the best result in all competitions. Let's defeat the apathy and we will be champions one more see.

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